We all need advice from time to time…

In this type of career, you get asked for all kinds of advice, when it comes to things like resumes, job applications, interview preparation, companies/cultures and so on. I certainly don’t consider myself to be an ‘expert’ in any one of these specific areas, however after almost twenty years in the recruitment industry, I am perhaps better placed than most to be able to share my somewhat knowledgeable views on such things.

There seems to be a misnomer that the more experienced you become, and the more advanced you are in your career, the less advice you need on things like resumes, interviews, job applications etc. But in fact, I haven’t observed this to be the case – at all. All job seekers, whether a part time student seeking casual work, or a C-level executive, have come to me for advice on writing a good job application, or presenting themselves at their best in an interview.

The thing is, we all need advice from a third party sometimes, people who look at us from the outside in. Especially someone who is in touch with what the employers are looking for, or the current resume trends. Believe it or not, there are ever changing trends in the way companies interview, or in the kind of resume formats that people prefer out there.

Sure, I’m a recruiter that matches job briefs to suitable candidates. But the insights we see in our roles are invaluable, and I enjoy being able to pass this on to job seekers where I can or where time permits. During the tenure of my career, professional relationships I’ve had with people, cover all stages of the career cycle – being an unsuccessful candidate after an interview process, or providing advice after a redundancy, or being a recruitment supplier to that person when they have perhaps been a hiring manager themselves.

I guess it all comes down to one thing… relationships…. We like to deal with people we relate to and people we like. We all need help, support, advice at one stage or another. And it’s nice to be able to give advice on the things in which you have relative expertise. These things come back, they always do, and I think that it actually feels really good to impart advice and provide assistance to others, commercial incentives aside. People will never forget those who helped and supported them on their professional journeys…

I personally focus on Executive Search positions, and specialist Human Resources and Talent Acquisition recruitment here at Howard. I have clients across a very broad range of industry sectors – from private sector, to state government and education. In this digital world, I still believe face to face relationships pave the way for professional journeys. If I can assist you, or your organisation, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a conversation.

Deena Habilomatis, Director